Water Desalination

Water desalination with Electro Dialysis (ED)

The balance between drinking water demand and water availability has reached a critical level in many regions of the world. Low energy desalination solutions will be a crucial part of providing sufficient levels of good quality drinking water for a growing world population.

REvivED water, a research and innovation project, funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme in the field of ‘low-energy solutions for drinking water’, brings together ten partners from six countries across Europe. This consortium will contribute to overcoming the drinking water challenge by establishing electrodialysis (ED) as the new standard for desalination of seawater and brackish water.

Phaesun is one of the project partners, mainly focusing on small-scale desalination systems for brackish water, that will be powered by solar. Therefore those Off-Grid desalination systems are mainly dedicated for water sources in remote areas, where the salinity of the water is too high to be used as drinking water.

RevivED water projects started in May 2016 and have duration of 4 years.

Prototypes were developed during the first project phase. Then in 2018 the first pilot plants were constructed. The first pilot system was installed in rural Somaliland in May 2018 for a field test under real conditions. Four more units were installed in 2019: one in rural Djibouti, one in urban Tanzania and two units in India.

Phaesun keeps you informed about the progress.

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